All garbage will be emptied; liners replaced where possible and disposed of where designated.
Recycling program will be followed as instructed by management.
Window blinds will be dusted where feasible; arrangements can be made to have blinds cleaned professionally. monthly.
Specialized Additional Weekend Detailed Cleaning services
Desk tops and table bases dusted and wiped.
Computer screens and keyboards dusted and wiped.
Telephones moved, wiped and sanitized.
Fabric chairs vacuumed.
Filing cabinets dusted and wiped.
All doors, light switches and around door handles spot cleaned.
Window ledges dusted and ceiling dusted.
All hard surface floors mopped.
Light fixtures, top of pictures book shelves etc. dusted.
Door frames and hinge area wiped. Steel grating washed.
Desks, tables and chairs including crevices dusted and wiped and arranged.
Table tops and chairs legs wiped.
Air vents vacuumed out.